JinSan Chronic Care Hospital, established in 1991, is an outstanding area hospital located in Yongkang District of Tainan City. The hospital provides post-acute cares for patients who have been discharged from acute hospitals but have yet to achieve sufficient recovery for self-cares at home settings. The hospital, with its professional medical team and under the guidance of Dr. Yu-Ping Hsu, provides holistic healthcare that encompass outpatient, inpatient, and rehabilitation services. Currently, medical specialties such as surgery, internal medicine, orthopedics, rehabilitation, and dermatology to the residents of greater Tainan. Furthermore, the hospital has chronic wards and respiratory care wards that provide additional services that bring peace of minds to both the patients and their families. The world population is undergoing an aging trend. According to statistics provided by the Bureau of Internal Affairs on October 2006, there are over 2.27 million people, approximately 9.94% of the total population, over the age of 65 in Taiwan. The Council of Economic Planning and Development estimates that by 2017, the elder population in Taiwan will reach 3.2 million people, approximately 13.6% of the total population, and the figure will increase to over 30% by 2031. Along with the advancements of medical technology, the increase in the share of elderly population triggers the societal significance of eldercare, especially for those with chronic diseases and disabilities. Facing such changes, institutional care has become the mainstream method of providing cares. Under the cares of JinSan, patients will not only receive holistic cares to both their physical and mental needs, but will also receive trainings that facilitate self-supports and integration back to their home settings. Since our establishment, JinSan has been blessed with the supports and acknowledgements of our customers and governmental agencies; and in order to further provide better cares and improve sustainability, our chronic hospital division has been re-established as a medical corporation in the September of 2010. Subsequently, the nursing home division was also integrated into the medical corporation in 2013.

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  1. 轉診住院流程 Process for Outpatient Referral and Hospitalization
  2. 轉入轉出作業流程 Process for Referred Patients

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  2. 口腔護理清潔方法Cleaning Method for Oral Care
  3. 抽痰技巧注意事項Notes for Sputum Drawing Techniques

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